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Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Year 2 NEON + R: Data Analysis Workshop was held on October 5 - 9, 2022. Emerge fellows traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee to stay at The Crash Pad where they spent three full days and four nights. Days were spent mining and analyzing aquatic NEON data with Program R at the Tennessee Aquariums Conservation Institute, working in teams from our Online Collaboration Meetings, and enjoying a private evening reception at The Tennessee Aquarium's River Journey Building. Guest speakers included Bobby Hensley (NEON). Special thanks to Anna George (Tennessee Aquarium VP of Conservation Science & Education) for hosting and organizing tours.

Emerge funded 3 undergraduate students, 12 graduate students, and 1 early career professional (total: 16) to participate. This workshop was led by Co-PI Dan McGarvey with support from Co-PI Tina Mendez, Breanna Ondich (Emerge Program Coordinator), and Stephanie Parker (Emerge Advisory Board Member).

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